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About Company

Founded in 1964, we have grown to be a leader amongst the electronic component manufacturers of India. Our corporate office is situated in the picturesque location of Nariman Point in Bombay, the commercial capital of India. The factory having a work area of 22,000 sq. ft. is located in Pune, a hundred and sixty kilometers south east of Bombay.

We started with epoxy moulded axial lead paper capacitors for general purpose applications, with technical knowhow and machinery from Germany in 1967. Soon, to meet the advanced technological requirements of the electronics field, we had to change the design and develop a whole new range of oil impregnated aluminium can encased capacitors. The overwhelming response of the Indian industry to this redesigned range of capacitors resulted in a big fillip and we never looked back since then.

In 1969, steel can encased automobile ignition capacitors were developed and we went on to hold this key and specialised sector to ourselves almost single handed ever since. Exports to different parts of the world is the hallmark of this product.

In 1973, wire wound resistors were added to the product fine. Our brand is looked at with great respect by the multitude of industrial users all over India. After the onset of the telecom revolution in the late 80’s, our resistors have been finding pride of place in all C-DOT emanated telecom products.

In 1986, the result of extensive R & D activity was oil impregnated radial lead box type capacitors and axial lead capacitors moulded in plastic tubes. Today, these form a major portion of our product range and have been widely popular.

During the last two decades we have been adding a number of items to our list of products. From RC Network blocks to capacitors for microwave ovens, or capacitors for automobile horns to capacitors for CDI systems, we have developed key products for specialised uses.

El-Ci-Ar products are available in the length and breadth of the country through a well established distributor network and through countrywide dealer outlets. El-Ci-Ar products with an established capacity of ten million units today take pride in serving the needs of the industry through a highly proven quality and reliability, fast and prompt service, a wide and diverse range and all this at reasonable prices.

Our Goals

Be a business that inspires pride and peopleĀ in India.

Our Mission

To be the best capacitor manufacturer globally and set a benchmark in Global Capacitor Industry

Our Vision

To provide top-notch quality capacitor and be the first choice of customers